March 7, 1921 – Letter from Robert Goddard, talks about the Moon

Letter from Robert H. Goddard to William L. Straus, Jr.,

Clark College
Worcester, Mass.

1921 March 7

To William L. Straus, Jr.,

On stationery listing Goddard and C.E. Melville as Professors in the Department of Physics of Clark College

In reply to your letter of March 3, I might say: 1) The work at present is confined to the construction of a small model and there is no immediate prospect of financing anything more than this. 2) Regarding your second question, I admit that there is no oxygen in the atmosphere on the moon, but beg to call attention to the fact that any of the commercial flash powders contain an oxygen-carrying compound, which is usually potassium chlorate. The experiment which has been given considerable publicity took this fact into account, the flashes being exploded in a glass container in which the pressure had been reduced to about 1/60 of atmospheric pressure.

Source: eBay auction item from Nov 2007


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