April 16, 1972 – launch of Apollo 16

Apollo 16 was the tenth manned mission in the Apollo program and the fifth lunar landing mission, launching on April 16, 1972. She was commanded by John Young, the Command Module Pilot was Ken Mattingly, and the Lunar Module Pilot was Charlie Duke.


Wikipedia says:

“Young and Duke spent three days exploring the Descartes highland region, while Mattingly circled overhead in Casper. This was the only one of the six Apollo landings to target the lunar highlands. The astronauts discovered that what was thought to have been a region of volcanism was actually a region full of impact-formed rocks (breccias). Their collection of returned specimens included an 25 pound (11.7 kg) chunk that was the largest single rock returned by Apollo astronauts.”

Apollo 16 LM Orion.jpg


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