May 15, 1963 – Faith 7 (Mercury 9) launches into orbit

Gordon CooperGordon Cooper was one of the original seven Mercury program U.S. astronauts. He flew on the Mercury 9 (Faith 7) and Gemini 5 NASA missions.

Wikipedia says:

“Cooper was launched into space on May 15, 1963 aboard the Mercury-Atlas 9 (Faith 7) spacecraft, the last Mercury mission. He orbited the earth 22 times and logged more time in space than all five previous Mercury astronauts combined – 34 hours, 19 minutes and 49 seconds, traveling 546,167 miles (878,971 km) at 17,547 mph (28,239 km/h), pulling a maximum of 7.6 g (74.48 m/s²). Cooper achieved an altitude of 165.9 statute miles (267 km) at apogee. He also gained the distinction of becoming the first American astronaut to sleep not only in orbit but on the launch pad during a countdown.”


~ by tellinghistory on May 15, 2007.

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