August 6th, 1961 – Titov orbits earth

Gherman TitovRussian cosmonaut Gherman Titov (1935 – 2000) became the second person in space when his Vostok 2 spacecraft launched on August 6th, 1961. Titov was the second human to orbit the earth, preceded only by Yuri Gagarin, although Gagarin did not make a complete orbit of the Earth.

Wikipedia says:

“The mission lasted for 25.3h and accomplished 17 earth orbits. His call sign in this flight was Eagle (Russian: Орёл). A month short of 26 years old at launch, he remains to this day the youngest person to fly in space.”


“I had the feeling that our earth is a sand particle in the universe, comparable to a particle of sand on the shore of the ocean. It was strange to have a black dome above me and our earthly blue sky below. The Earth flashed as a multi-faceted gem, an extraordinary array of vivid hues that were strangely gentle in their play across the receding surface of the world . . . framed in a brilliant, radiant border. The colors were extraordinary – vivid, yet tender – and the light streaming through the cabin carried a strange shade as if it were filtered through stained glass.”
Gherman Titov, observations he made while looking out his capsule window on his famed orbit in space in August 1961. Quoted in Into the Silent Sea (p. 113).

“Space is like a drug. Once you experience it, you can’t think of anything else.”
Titov quoted in Into that Silent Sea (p. 124).


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