September 19, 1998 – Israel launches first space satellite

Ofeq-7 spy satellite launch on the Shavit boosterIsrael became a spacefaring nation just two months prior to China when it launched its first satellitle, Ofeq, on September 19, 1998. Ofeq was the first of a series of reconnaissance satellites.

In 1995 the Israeli Space Agency said:

“Space research and exploration is an essential instrument for the defense of life on Earth; the lever for technological progress; the key to existing in a modern society; essential for developing an economy based on knowledge; and the central attraction for scientific and qualified human resources.”

Israeli Space AgencyISA (Hebrew: סוכנות החלל הישראלית Sohnut HaHalal HaYisraelit) is a governmental body, that coordinates all Israeli programs of Space Research with scientific and commercial purposes. The agency was founded in 1983 (Wikipedia).


~ by tellinghistory on September 19, 2007.

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