October 5, 1930 – Cosmonaut Pavel Popovich is born

Russian cosmonaut Pavel Popovich was born October 5, 193o in the Ukraine. He flew aboard Vostok 4 in August 1961, having been launched just one day after Vostok 3. Both spacecraft orbited at the same time though they did not dock or rendevouz. But some in the United States space program thought they did. Popovich also later served aboard Soyuz 14 which launched July 3, 1974.


“The crew tested the suitability of Salyut 3 as a manned military reconnaissance satellite. They also tested Almaz station systems, such as the solar arrays. The cosmonauts exercised for 2 hours each day to counter the effects of weightlessness. Because of this, they were able to climb from their Soyuz Ferry descent module without assistance at the end of their flight.”


Cosmonaut Pavel Popovich During Vostok 4 Flight
Image credit: NASA


“Looking outward to the blackness of space, sprinkled with the glory of the universe of lights, I saw majesty – but no welcome. Below was the welcoming planet. There, contained in the thin, moving, incredibly fragile shell of the biosphere is everything that is dear to you; all the human drama and comedy. That’s where life is; that’s where all the good stuff is.”
Pavel Popovich, quoted in Into that Silent Sea, (p. 188)

From L/R: Korolev, Gagarin, Titov and Popovich.
Image credit: eBay auction item


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