STS-120 Mission Priorities

  1. Node 2 Installation
  2. Crew Rotation
  3. P6 Relocation from Z1 to P5
  4. P6 Activation (a) Deploy P6 forward radiator (b) Deploy P6 Solar Arrays (2B and 4B)
  5. Deploy S1 radiator outer panels
  6. Orbital Replacement Unit Installation/Return (a) Node 2 Power and Data Grapple Fixture Install, S‐band Antenna Support Assembly (SASA)/Baseband Signal Processor (BSP) Return, Main Bus Switching Unit Install, Remote Power Controller Module R&R
  7. Cargo Transfer from/to middeck
  8. Preparations for PMA 2 Relocation and Node 2 Fluid Umbilical Tray Relocation and Avionics Connections
  9. Internal Thermal Control System Remediation
  10. Oxygen/Nitrogen Transfer
  11. Node 2 Ingress and Outfitting
  12. Detailed Test Objectives: Tile Repair Ablator Dispenser; Station Wireless Instrumentation System; Carbon Dioxide monitoring; Multi‐Protocol Converter for live HDTV downlink

STS-120 Shuttle Mission Press Kit – PDF download


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