STS-120 Patch

The STS‐120 patch reflects the role of the mission in the future of the space program. The shuttle payload bay carries the Harmony module, the doorway to the future international laboratory elements on the International Space Station.

On the left the star represents the space station; the red colored points represent the current location of the P6 solar arrays, furled and awaiting relocation when the crew arrives. During the mission, the crew will move P6 to its final home at the end of the port truss. The gold points represent the P6 solar arrays in their new location, unfurled and producing power for science and life support.

On the right, the moon and Mars can be seen representing the future of NASA. The constellation Orion rises in the background, symbolizing NASAʹs new crew exploration vehicle. Through all, the shuttle rises up and away, leading the way to the future.

Source: STS-120 Shuttle Mission Press Kit – PDF download


~ by tellinghistory on October 24, 2007.

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