Discovery (STS-120) successfully docks with the ISS

After completing the 90-minute Rendevouz Pitch Maneuver (RPM) procedure that allowed ISS astronauts to take pictures of Discovery’s heat shields, Commander Pam Melroy successfully docked the shuttle to the space station at 8:40 a.m.

“She did great,” flight director Rick LaBrode said of Melroy’s piloting skills. “It was amazing, there were a lot of activities going on. Yesterday, I said we had all our network problems solved. And boy, was I wrong. We had nothing but network problems throughout the day yesterday. … As soon as the crew got up this morning and started bringing up the computers they use, it started causing network problems again. So, we had to deal with troubleshooting those network problems while we were trying to do a rendezvous and that was challenging. But the crew did an exceptional job. All the targeting went extremely well, the burns were right on and the prox ops piloting was phenomenal. Pam did a great job.”
Quote source: CBS News

STS-120 has three major mission objectives: (1) install a new module, (2) re-position a solar array truss, and (3) test a heat shield repair technique.

Docking the space shuttle Discovery with the ISS is no mean task. The shuttle weighs 248,000 pounds and the ISS weights approximately 470,000 pounds. Commander Melroy slowed the speed of the shuttle down to 5 miles per second as she gently glided the space craft into the ISS docking mechanism some 212 miles above the Pacific Ocean.

Information source: some of the information in this post comes from CBS News.


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