Fast Facts about the Rendevouz Pitch Maneuver (RPM) for STS-120

  1. What does RPM stand for?
    Rendevous Pitch Maneuver
  2. How far away is the shuttle when the images are taken?
    600 feet
  3. What exactly is being photographed?
    Pictures will be taken of the upper surfaces of the shuttle as well as Discovery’s underside, the nose landing gear door seals, the main landing gear door seals and the elevon cove.
  4. What size lens are being used?
    400-mm an 800-mm lenses will be used.
  5. What is the temperature the shuttles heat shields are subjected to during re-entry?
    About 3000 degrees.
  6. What exactly does the shuttle do in the RPM?
    The RPM is a 90-minute 360 degree back-flip that will expose Discovery’s belly to the camera imaging on the ISS.
  7. Who analyzes the data?
    NASA, on earth.
  8. How many digital images are taken?
  9. How many previous RPM operations have been done by NASA?
    About 20.
  10. Who is taking the pictures?
    Astronauts Anderson and Malenchenko on the ISS.


~ by tellinghistory on October 25, 2007.

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