First space walk (EVA) for STS-120

The first space walk (EVA) for the STS-120 Discovery will take place Friday at 6:28 am. It will last about 6.5 hours and will be performed by astronauts Parazynski, Wheelock and Nespoli.

The objectives of this space walk are:

  1. Retrieve the S‐band Antenna Structural Assembly (SASA) from Z1 truss
  2. Prepare Harmony for removal from Discovery’s cargo bay
  3. Disconnect P6/Z1 fluid umbilicals

During the S-band operation Wheelock will be secured at the end of the robotic arm but Parazynski (right) will free float. Both astronauts will work in Discovery’s payload to prepare Harmony for removal. The station robotic arm will then remove Harmony from the payload and begin moving it toward Node 1, also known as Unity.

Parazynski and Wheelock will then perform the third objective of this first space-walk; disconnecting four ammonia fluid umbilicals from P6 and mating them to Z1.

Parazynski has over 20 hours of EVA or space-walk experience and is the lead space-walker for STS-120. He will perform in four of the five walks for this mission. Following the Columbia tragedy, Parazynski was the astronaut lead for the space shuttle Thermal Protection System inspection and repair techniques development. His suit will be marked by solid red stripes.

Wheelock, will walk in space for the first time during STS-120 (actually performing three walks). Wheelock’s suit will be all-white.

Nespoli, the only European Space Agency astronaut on the STS-120 mission. He will be the intravehicular lead, i.e., choreographer, for the first four spacewalks, assisting the spacewalkers with their tasks from inside the spacecraft.

The spacewalks are planned on flight days 4, 6, 8, 10 and 11. STS-120 is the first shuttle mission with five different spacewalkers.

astronauts install a truss at the International Space Station

Astronauts install a truss on the space station (STS-113).
Photo credit: NASA

Source for most of this blog post provided by NASA.


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