Parazynski on the Harmony module during STS-120 mission

In a NASA pre-flight interview, astronaut Scott Parazynski talked about the importance of the Harmony module and what it is.

Well, I guess there’s sort of a harmonic convergence of sorts, when it was named. We’ve always called it Node 2 in all of our training, but recently it was named Harmony by school children around the country. There was a nationwide competition to name the facility. I think it’s very appropriately named because it is a focus for all the international partners to come together, working together in this international collaboration on ISS. Essentially it’s a large module that has four radial ports that will accommodate the Columbus module in the future, as well as our Japanese partner laboratories. And then, ultimately in the future, the space shuttle will dock on the front end of it. So it has a lot of very complex systems, it will take several spacewalks to activate it, both externally as well as a lot of work internally to outfit it.

Interview source: NASA


~ by tellinghistory on October 26, 2007.

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