STS-120 Flight Day 4 – Timeline

Commander Pam Melroy on the objective for Flight Day 4 in a NASA pre-flight interview.

Our first activity will be to deliver the Node 2, which is named Harmony. It’s essentially the hub of all the scientific laboratory sections of the space station. So we’ll be delivering that. We’re actually going to be stowing it temporarily on the side of Node 1, Unity, because it doesn’t go into its final location after we’ve undocked because we’re actually docked to the place that it’s finally going to go. So you can imagine, there’s a lot of complexity associated with moving that element around.

Flight Day 4

  • EVA‐1 by Parazynski and Wheelock
    (Node 2 Unberth Preparations, S‐Band Antenna Retrieval, P6/Z1 Umbilical Disconnection)
  • Harmony (Node 2) Unberth and Installation on Port Side of Unity (Node 1)
  • Harmony/Unity Vestibule Leak Checks

Flight day 4 features the first of five spacewalks during STS‐120. Parazynski and Wheelock will prepare Harmony for its removal from Discovery’s payload bay, retrieve an S‐band antenna for return to Earth and disconnect umbilicals between the P6 and Z1 truss elements.

During the spacewalk Wilson, Tani and Anderson will operate the station’s robotic arm for the antenna retrieval, to unberth Harmony from Discovery’s cargo bay and install it on the port side of Node 1, known as Unity. Harmony will be secured in place on Unity through internal connections. Anderson and Zamka will close out the day with leak checks of the interface between Unity and Harmony.

Source: STS-120 Shuttle Mission Press Kit – PDF download

Day 4 Timeline (CBS News)

  • 01:38 AM: Crew wakeup
  • 06:28 AM: Spacewalk 1 begins
  • 10:23 AM: Harmony unberthed
  • 12:33 PM: Harmony on ISS
  • 01:08 PM: Spacewalk 1 ends
  • 03:00 PM: Mission briefing
  • 05:00 PM: Post-MMT briefing
  • 05:38 PM: Crew sleep begins
  • 06:00 PM: Highlights reel

Image Above: STS-120 Mission Specialist Doug Wheelock rides the station’s robotic arm into Discovery’s payload bay.
Image credit: NASA TV


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