STS-120 Flight Day 5 – Timeline

Flight Day5

  • Discovery Thermal Protection System Focused Inspection with OBSS (if required)
  • Harmony Node 2 Vestibule Outfitting and Ingress
  • OBSS Handoff to Shuttle Robotic Arm and Berthing
  • EVA‐2 Procedure Review
  • EVA‐2 Campout by Parazynski and Tani

Flight day 5 features the first ingress of Harmony in space. The hatches between Unity and Harmony will be opened by Nespoli and Whitson. Outfitting of the station’s newest pressurized module will continue throughout the mission. Time also is allotted this day for a focused inspection of Discovery’s heat shield, if required.

Source: STS-120 Shuttle Mission Press Kit – PDF download


~ by tellinghistory on October 27, 2007.

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