Melroy finds fulfillment in seeing ISS grow

In a NASA pre-flight interview, Pam Melroy, commander of STS-120 said this about the feeling of accomplishment seeing the International Space Station grow based on Shuttle Missions she has been part of:

Well, I think that’s been one of the most exciting parts of the mission for me on my two previous flights was to back away from the space station and see the element that you installed. You’ve seen the station grow before your very eyes and know that you were a part of it. It’s also kind of a dramatic thing to realize that it’s just a snapshot. While we’re doing assembly, the space station visually looks different with every assembly mission. And so the pictures that you take, the video that you take, the pictures that your eyes take are unique and just a moment of history. It’s like watching some great work like the pyramids or some enormous structure going up for the first time. It’s always extraordinary to go back and sort of look at the documentation of that. I think knowing that you were a part of that, in making that happen, is fantastic.


~ by tellinghistory on October 28, 2007.

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