Nutritional experiment on STS-120 will shape nutritional requirements for future space exploration

During STS-120 (Day x) crew members will complete an experiment called Nutritional Status Assessment. According to NASA it the “most comprehensive in‐flight study to date of human physiologic changes during long‐duration spaceflight.”

The experiment will include measures of:

  • bone metabolism
  • oxidative damage
  • nutritional assessments and hormonal changes

This experiment is very important because the results and findings will impact the definition of nutritional requirements and the development of future food systems for upcoming space exploration to the moon and Mars.

“The experiment also will help to understand the impact of countermeasures — exercise and pharmaceuticals — on nutritional status and nutrient requirements for astronauts,” according to NASA.

Read more about NASA’s Space Food and Nutrition guide for educator’s online.

Download the guide in PDF.


~ by tellinghistory on October 28, 2007.

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