STS-120 Flight Day 6 – Timeline

Flight Day6

  • EVA‐2 by Parazynski and Tani (P6 Detachment from Z1 Truss, Harmony (Node 2) Outfitting, Remote Power Controller Unit Replacement, Harmony Node 2 Power and Data Grapple Fixture Installation)
  • P6 Truss Grapple by Canadarm2 and Demate from Z1 Truss
  • Harmony (Node 2) Outfitting

The mission’s second spacewalk occurs on flight day 6. Parazynski and Tani will assist with detaching the P6 truss from its current location, complete external outfitting of Harmony and replace a remote power controller, or circuit breaker. Wilson, Wheelock and Anderson will operate the station’s robotic arm for the P6 removal and to place it in an overnight parked position.

Source: STS-120 Shuttle Mission Press Kit – PDF download

Parazynski talked about the spacewalk in Day 6 in a NASA pre-flight interview:

Flight day 6, Dan Tani and I, he’s the Expedition 16 flight engineer, he and I will go outside and begin the process of unbolting and demating connectors between P6 and Z1. So that will take us quite a bit of time to demate several connectors and work with these, they’re called Rocketdyne Truss Attachment System bolts. Huge bolts, as you can imagine, that would carry that load on top of the space station. So we’ll demate the RTAS bolts and Stephanie and Doug will then unberth the, the P6 from top of the Z1 truss and they’ll be off to the races with that.

We’ll still be outside working. We’ll have about four more hours of work ahead of us, so I’ll head over to Harmony and do some of the external outfitting. We have about 11 handrails and three worksite interfaces, which are basically, places where we can install foot restraints; I’ll be installing those, and installing gap spanners to help future crews translate, or move around the outside of the Harmony Module. We’ll also be installing that Power and Data Grapple Fixture that I mentioned. Later in the EVA, Dan will join me and we’ll move that PDGF as we call it, to its installation location on the bottom of the Node, or Harmony — still getting used to the name. We use special fasteners to bolt that in place and we’ll give it power, connections and continue external outfitting. Some of the things we’ll be doing on Node 2 during the spacewalk will be get aheads to help the increment crew after we leave, relocate it to its final location on the front of the lab.

STS-120 mission specialist Scott Parazynski participated in the second of five scheduled spacewalks as construction continues on the International Space Station. During the 6-hour, 33-minute spacewalk Parazynski and Daniel Tani, Expedition 16 flight engineer, worked in tandem to upgrade the space station.

Image Credit: NASA


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