STS-120 Flight Day 8 – Timeline (third spacewalk)

Flight Day8

  • EVA‐3 by Parazynski and Wheelock (P6/P5 Installation, Main Bus Switching Unit Transfer)
  • P6 Truss Installation to P5 Truss
  • P6 4B and 2B Solar Array Redeployment

On flight day 8, Tani and Wilson will use the station’s robotic arm to move P6 to a pre‐install position. During the mission’s third spacewalk, Parazynski and Wheelock will assist with attaching P6 to the P5 short spacer truss. The spacewalkers also will transfer the spare main bus switching unit hardware from Discovery to the space station. The P6 solar array wings will be redeployed following the spacewalk. The ground control team will begin the deployment to one of 31 mast bays. Melroy, Zamka and Whitson will continue the full deployment of the arrays.

Source: STS-120 Shuttle Mission Press Kit – PDF download

STS-120 mission specialist Doug Wheelock participated in the third scheduled spacewalk as construction continued on the International Space Station. During the spacewalk, Wheelock and astronaut Scott Parazynski (out of frame) installed the P6 truss segment with its set of solar arrays to its permanent home and installed a spare main bus switching.

Image Credit: NASA


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