STS-122 Crew – December 6, 2007 Launch date

Mission Commander: Stephen Frick
Pilot: Alan Poindexter
Mission Specialists: Rex Walheim, Stanley Love, Leland Melvin, Hans Schlegel (ESA); Leopold Eyharts (Expedition 16, up), Daniel Tani (Expedition 16, down)

Mission: STS-122 – 24th International Space Station Flight (1E)
Launch Date: NET December 6, 2007
Orbiter: Atlantis (OV-104)

About the crew

Astronauts Frick and Poindexter have served previously as Commander and Pilot respectively. Commander Frick is from the Class of 1996 astronaut program. His first space flight was with STS-110 (2002). Poindexter, Class of 1998, was a Pilot on STS-110 (2002).

Mission Specialist Walheim also served on STS-110 EVA Crew and was a graduate of the Class of 1996 with Frick. Mission Specialist Love, Class of 1998, has lots of space experience though he did not serve on STS-110. Dr. Love served as a CAPCOM (spacecraft communicator) in Mission Control for International Space Station Expeditions 1 through 7 and for Space Shuttle missions STS-104 (ISS-7A), STS-108 (ISS-UF-1), and STS-112 (ISS-9A).

Mission Specialist Melvin will receive his first NASA space experience on STS-122. Mission Specialist Tani (Class of 1996) is currently serving on STS-120. He has experience with STS-108 (2001), flight engineer for Expeditions 15 and 16, and is aboard STS-120.


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