STS-120 Flight Day 10 – Timeline

Flight Day10

  • Shuttle and Station Transfers
  • EVA‐4 by Parazynski and Wheelock (Tile Repair Detailed Test Objective Demonstration)
  • EVA Procedure Review
  • EVA‐5 Campout by Whitson and Malenchenko

The fourth spacewalk will be conducted on flight day 10 by Parazynski and Wheelock. They will perform Detailed Test Objective 848, a demonstration of space shuttle thermal protection system repair techniques. The primary purpose of the test is to evaluate STA‐54 material and a tile repair ablator dispenser for potential use in a microgravity and vacuum environment.

Source: STS-120 Shuttle Mission Press Kit – PDF download

Regarding EVA-4, in a pre-flight interview Parazynski said this:

On the 10th flight day, we’ll execute our EVA 4, a new addition to the flight. My good buddy, Wheels (Douglas Wheelock) and I will egress the Quest Airlock, to conduct a development test on tile repair materials for the Thermal Protection System on the shuttle. That is, as I said, a new addition to the flight. EVA5 will be the following day. It’s a back-to-back EVA that will be conducted by Peggy and Yuri, the station crew, and led by Dan Tani inside the shuttle. There’s a little bit of decoupling between those two EVAs, which is nice because after EVA 4 we need to start thinking about closing up the hatches and getting ready to come back home.


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