Photo gallery sequence of landing of STS-120 Space Shuttle Discovery (NASA TV)

81,000 feet

60,000 feet

44,000 feet (4 minutes til landing)

24,000 feet

2 minutes til landing

11,000 feet, first sight of runway inside cockpit

Just a few thousand feet to go before touchdown

Final runway approach

Discovery’s landing gear is down and locked at 14 seconds to touchdown …main gear touchdown… nose gear touchdown! Discovery and crew are home after a triumphant mission to the International Space Station. The shuttle is rolling down the runway, reflecting the bright Florida sunshine… and Discovery’s wheels have stopped. Welcome home!
NASA Landing blog


The orbiter’s main landing gear touches down on the runway at 213 to 226 miles per hour. As the nose pitches down and makes contact with the runway, a 40-foot drag chute is deployed from the vehicle’s aft end, and the orbiter rolls to a stop.
NASA Landing blog

Chute deploys

Coming to a stop . . .

Full stop . . . mission accomplished!

1:16 p.m. – Inside Discovery, the astronauts are going through the standard checklist while, outside the orbiter, the landing convoy team continues work to “safe” the vehicle. It’s been 15 minutes since landing.

1:06 p.m. – “Hello there. It’s nice to be back in Florida!” said Commander Pam Melroy as she and her crew begin their post-landing duties.

NASA Landing blog

Welcome home STS-120 Crew


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