STS-120 Shuttle Crew talks about success of mission

Based on post-mission interviews with the Discovery STS-120 crew, the unanimous conclusion is that STS-120 was a huge success.

The crew of STS-120 in front of Discovery.
Image credit: NASA

Commander Pam Melroy

“When I look back at our mission, it seems like we kind of hit a triple home run.”

Regarding how NASA handled the problem of the torn solar array panels, “It was an amazing thing to watch a large organization like NASA pivot so easily.”

Regarding leaving the space station in a better condition, “It really was a beautiful moment for NASA,” Melroy said. “What you saw is who we are at NASA.”

“Discovery worked perfectly, and I just want to say a big thank you to everybody at the Kennedy Space Center for everything that you do. Because it takes the entire team to pull it together to launch a shuttle as clean as this. And that goes for the whole agency, I think the whole agency had to pull together for this particular mission.”

“We saw a lot of very unusual things happen. We did a pretty amazing (solar panel repair spacewalk) and that was very exciting. It’s a thrilling day for both the space shuttle and the space station programs, vindicating both programs and their purpose and their flexibility in space. I just want say thank you, we are thrilled to be back home.”

Scott Parazynski

“This is truly a triumphant moment for NASA. I think we obtained the summit and then some.”

Regarding the unique EVA (spacewalk) Parazynski toook part in to repair the torn solar array panel, “I had more butterflies than I normally do before an EVA. It was just different than the prior spacewalks that I had done.”

NASA Administrator Michael Griffin

“While all of you know that I think there’s no such thing as a good press conference, this one is as good as it can be because the only thing we can talk about up here is how great this mission has been from start to finish and how you’ve had an opportunity to see and report on NASA at its very best.”


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