Young women looking for models and mentors

I have two young daughters, one 18 and the other 12. I need only look in today’s headlines to find a worthy model for them to emulate: astronaut Pamela A. Melroy, the Commander of the current STS-120 Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station.

Melroy, who is just 46, is only one of twenty-five women who are active astronauts, and she is only one of two female Commanders in the program. There are a total of eleven Commanders in all, and just 92 active qualified astronauts. Melroy is indeed in elite company.

She retired from the Air Force in February 2007 having started her military career interest in ROTC. Melroy is a veteran of Operation Just Cause (Panama, 1989) and Operation Desert Shield/Storm (1990). She has logged over 5,000 flight hours in over 45 different aircraft.

Melroy was one of just 15 astronauts that were graduates of the class of 1995. Of the eleven present astronauts qualified as Commander, only two have been astronauts longer than her. STS-120 Shuttle Mission to the ISS is her first space flight as Commander. Melroy’s first space experience was in 2000 aboard STS-92 Discovery (Oct 11-24).

Young girls and women today are very fortunate to have models like astronaut Pamela Melroy and twenty-four other woman who have aimed high, and have seen their success in space science reach the heavens!

Image credit: NASA


~ by tellinghistory on November 15, 2007.

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