Mission of STS-122 (Shuttle mission) to expand science capabilities of International Space Station

NASA says that the upcoming shuttle mission STS-122, Columbia, is key to expanding our science capabilities on the ISS. Now that connecting modules (i.e., Unity and Harmony) and solar arrays have been installed on recent missions, the ISS is set to benefit from the completion of that important foundational work.

Michael Sarafin, lead shuttle flight director for STS-122, says, “This is the next phase of the international mission. We’re finally going to use a lot of that new capability that we’ve delivered. It really will be true utilization of the station by international partners.”

KSC-07PD-3014: Columbus LaboratoryColumbia (STS-122) will deliver a vital component of the European’s Space Agency future – a 23X15 feet research laboratory named Columbus. The installation and delivery of Columbus will be followed by key Japanese components – headlined by a component named Kibo.


~ by tellinghistory on November 16, 2007.

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