November 19, 1969 – Apollo 12 lands on the moon

Apollo 12 was NASA’s sixth manned mission in the Apollo Program and the second lunar landing mission, launching on November 14, 1969. The crew was apprised of Pete Conrad, Richard ‘Dick’ Gordon, and Alan Bean. Apollo 12 got off to an inauspicious start at launch, having been hit by lightning twice before reaching orbit. But her crew successfully landed on the Moon on November 19, 1969.

NASA LARGE GPN-2000-001317.jpg

Wikipedia says:

“Conrad actually landed Intrepid 580 feet short of Pete’s Parking Lot because the planned landing point looked rougher than anticipated during the final approach to touchdown. The planned landing point was a little under 1180 feet from Surveyor 3, a distance that was chosen to eliminate the possibility of lunar dust (being kicked up by Intrepid’s descent engine during landing) from covering Surveyor 3. But the actual touchdown point — 600 feet from Surveyor 3 — did cause a thin film of dust to coat the probe, giving it a light tan hue.”

Source: Dick Gordon official web site

This Apollo XII Command and Service Module Lunar orbital chart A is one of two charts (A & B). It shows early orbit ground tracks of revolutions 4,12,18,19,29, & 38 over the surface of the moon. It also shows related features such as Control Point, Ground Tracks, Initial Point, Landing Sites, Surveyor, Terminators, and much more. Each page is approximately 10½ inches by 7+ inches.

It is comprised of 12 leaves, providing 24 pages that were taped together – designed to be a book that the crew could use for lunar navigation.

A voluminous number of maps taken from lunar orbit by either Ranger (17,000 pictures) or Lunar Orbiter (2,000 high res pictures) was used to make this book of maps.


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