NASA launches new re-designed web site

NASA just launched their newly re-designed web site. It is very nice. Here’s a screen shot of the home page. I will posting a series of reviews on the site for the next few days. For now, I’d recommend just surfing over to the site and taking a good look around.

Here are my “first impressions” and initial observations of what one first sees on the homepage:
a. The site is clean, bold, and adventurous, just like space exploration should be.

b. The colors are vivid and pop from dark background

c. The graphics a very nice graphics, sometimes stunning.

d. The navigation – several areas – is easy

  • Top items have pull down menus just rolling over
  • Item splash pages (e.g., News); main content area windows scroll up on roll-over

e. The search tool is readily visible on the top right, also quite functional

f. One can see the Image of the Day

g. Easy access to NASA TV

h. The Popular Content Cloud on the middle right section is awesome

i. Interactive Features accessible from home page

j. The NASA Calendar – rollover a lighter block day and a pop-up window gives a little info with a link to get more info


~ by tellinghistory on December 4, 2007.

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