Most important things to know about the STS-122 Shuttle Launch, December 8, 2007

What are the essential things to know about STS-122 Shuttle mission?

  1. The mission name is STS-122 aboard the space shuttle Atlantis.
  2. The launch time is re-scheduled for December 8, 2007 at 3:43 p.m. EST.
  3. It is a scheduled 11-day mission but could likely be extended 2 days.
  4. Three space walks are scheduled.
  5. The objective is to deliver Columbus, a European laboratory module and a key component to extend the use of the ISS or the International Space Station.
  6. STS-122 will have a crew of eight
    • Commander, Steve Frick, piloted STS-110
    • Pilot, Alan Poindexter, first flight
    • Mission specialist, Leland Melvin, first flight
    • Mission specialist, Rex Walheim, crew of STS-110, planned spacewalker
    • Mission specialist, Hans Schlegel, crew of STS-55, planned spacewalker, ESA astronaut
    • Mission specialist, Stanley Love, first spaceflight, planned spacewalker
    • Mission specialist, Léopold Eyharts, MIR spaceflight 1998, ESA astronaut, will replace astronaut Daniel Tani
    • Mission specialis, Daniel Tani, currently on ISS (STS-120), will return with STS-122
  7. NASA managers may extend the mission to allow the astronauts to inspect the solar array rotary joint.
  8. Flight day 4 will feature the 100th spacewalk for the ISS assembly. That walk will be performed by Walheim and Schlegel’s, whose main task will be to prepare the Columbus module for installation on Harmony.
  9. The ESA, or the European Space Agency, built the Columbus module.
  10. When the space station is complete it will be larger than a five-bedroom house.

Content for this post was sourced from the STS-122 NASA fact sheet

Image credit: NASA


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  1. We all hope for a great launch and flight. I will be going to the Columbus Control Center and post launch updates from there in my blog. Maybe you like to use it as an additional information source.


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