Are you an astronut? A space geek?

Are you am astronut? A space-nut? A space geek? A space-nerd? Now don’t get defensive but let’s see how you score here.

Give yourself one point for each question you answer ‘yes’ to. See the results below after finishing the test.

  1. Does your all-time (no question about it) favorite film involve an alien or extra-terrestrial beings?
  2. Is your desktop theme or screen saver a space scene or picture?
  3. Do you know what the STS part of STS-120 means?
  4. Can you name the three NASA space programs that took place between 1961 and 1972?
  5. Do you have space memorabilia hanging on your walls at home or the office?
  6. Do you believe that NASA faked landing man on the Moon (MINUS 2 points for this one)?
  7. Have you ever dressed up in a space-related costume to attend a party or a movie event?
  8. If you know who said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” and you thought this question is WAY too easy?
  9. If some of your passwords to web sites are space terms?
  10. You watch NASA TV from your web browser?

Extra credit: (worth 2 points) What is the name of the first cosmonaut who performed the first spacewalk?
How did you score?

  • 1-2 means your feet are firmly planted on terra ferma.
  • 3-4 means you’re a junior space cadet.
  • 5-6 means you annoy most of us with your trivial (albeit interesting) knowledge of space factoids.
  • 7-8 means you listen to way too much late night talk radio.
  • 9-10 means you are a 100% certified space-nut! You know who you are.

After you take the challenge, why not tell the world how you scored? Share your score in the comment window for this blog post. I’ll go first.

~ by TellingHistory on December 6, 2007.

4 Responses to “Are you an astronut? A space geek?”

  1. Hi I’m Kraig and I like space. I scored a six, but awfully close to a seven.

  2. Scored a 9 so guess I am qualified…..if a 250 pound 5 foot tall bipropellant liquid rocket engine sitting in ones study doesnt make me a space nut dont know what does! (My website URL may be a small giveaway however)



  3. 10. boom. i’m a space winner (or extreme loser, depending on the judge).

  4. Uh….3.

    Of course I know who said the “one small step” quote. Desktop picture, password.

    Don’t worry, the password is obscure and intentionally misspelled, so you won’t guess it.

    In my defence I could name Mercury and Apollo for #4 so I should get two thirds of a point.

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