Interview series with the authors of “Into that Silent Sea,” French and Burgess, Part three

Today in Space History (TISH) has been granted an exclusive opportunity to interview authors Francis French and Colin Burgess based on their book “Into That Silent Sea,” which TISH highly recommends for reading. This is part three.

Archives for the complete interview series | one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen

TISH: Who is your favorite trailblazer and why?

FF: That question is one I am finding is impossible to answer. Some of these people have become good acquaintances, inviting us into their homes and lives when we were researching the book, being generous with their time in ways we could never have hoped for. Other spacefarers have been dead for decades, in some cases almost forgotten, and to research them, talking to colleagues, widows and friends of theirs, to reconstruct their lives until it almost felt like we knew them too, was an especially rewarding experience. Trying to choose between two such different but equally special experiences is just impossible for me.

CB: While I totally agree with Francis, I would have to nominate John Glenn as my favourite trailblazer for the simple reason that it was his Mercury flight back in 1962 that first ignited my childhood interest in astronauts and space flight. Growing up in Australia I never dared to dream that I would ever get to meet any of my Mercury astronaut heroes, and yet in latter years I not only got to meet four of them, but became friends with two. And that’s something I will always treasure. I still haven’t met John Glenn, although Francis has, but in 1998 I made a special trip to Orlando to see him launched on the STS-95 mission – my only ‘live’ launch to date.


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