Interview with NASA deputy assistant administrator of Public Affairs, Bob Jacobs, part one


TISH: What is your role at NASA, how long have you been doing it, and what are your basic week-to-week activities?

Bob Jacobs:

I’m currently deputy assistant administrator of Public Affairs. I deal with a variety of communications issues for NASA, for both internal and external audiences. I’m also responsible for the management of NASA Television and the agency’s Internet site I joined the agency in July 2000 as news chief, where I was responsible for the editorial tone and direction for news and public information.


I spent the majority of my career in journalism and NASA’s communications efforts are run much like a news operation. I hate the term PR. There’s nothing I do related to “spin.” My job and the job of my colleagues is to help “clean the windows” so the American people get a better view of their space program.



Each day brings new challenges and new opportunities. From breaking news issues to reviewing film scripts that have NASA story lines, I see it all.



Public Affairs Dep. Asst. Administrator Bob Jacobs chats with Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington during a ceremony marking the 35th anniversary of the first lunar landing.
Photo courtesy: Bob Jacobs, NASA


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