Interview with NASA deputy assistant administrator of Public Affairs, Bob Jacobs, part two


TISH: What do you like most about your job/position at NASA?

Bob Jacobs:



It’s the realization of a childhood dream. I used to cut our newspaper clips during the Apollo program. I was eight when Apollo 11 landed on the moon and the idea of space exploration captured by imagination. My skills in mathematics (or lack, thereof) pointed me to another career path. I had to cross “spaceman” off my list.



NASA is one of the few organizations that is tasked to think up exciting things to do and then make those dreams a reality. The agency is responsible for the greatest achievements in the history of exploration and discovery. That’s not hype. The NASA brand is so titanic that most people can’t name a single other national space agency.



That said, I get to work with extremely smart and exciting people who are deeply passionate about what they do. Anyone who thinks government workers are coasting for retirement has never spent a day at NASA.



I’ve been fortunate to do some exciting things and work with many of my childhood heroes, including the entire Apollo 11 crew, John Glenn, Water Cronkite, etc. Who would have thought a liberal arts degree could be of any use at a science and technology organization?


Public Affairs Dep. Asst. Administrator Bob Jacobs speaks with former Mercury and space shuttle astronaut U.S. Sen. John Glenn shortly before conducting a NASA Television interview marking the 45th anniversary of Glenn’s historic 1962 orbital spaceflight.

Image credit courtesy: Bob Jacobs, NASA


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