Interview with NASA deputy assistant administrator of Public Affairs, Bob Jacobs, part four

TISH: How does/has Internet technology (i.e., the web, blogs, the Internet culture) impact how you (and/or your dept) does its job?


Bob Jacobs:


Throughout its history, NASA — which turns 50 Oct. 1, 2008– has relied on the media to help tell its story, and we have considerable resources to show our activities live to the world. You get to see it all, success and failures. But the definition of media is changing. Through resources like NASA Television and our popular Web site,, we have an opportunity to tell our story unfiltered. We also have a responsibility to be responsive to a new generation of consumer generated media, such as blogs, vlogs, etc. For its first 50 years, NASA used the media to “transmit” information to the American people. Today’s Internet technology makes it possible for us to “receive” and help create an environment where people can share information. It’s not about disseminating information anymore, it’s about creating a dialog with people around the world.


New NASA web site launched December 2007


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