Interview with NASA deputy assistant administrator of Public Affairs, Bob Jacobs, part five

TISH: If there was one key message or point you’d like to convey to the general public about the U.S. space program’s future, what would it be?



Bob Jacobs:


NASA is about inspiration, innovation and discovery.



Many of the products that you use at home, from cordless power tools to satellite TV and radio to new breakthroughs in medical research, are rooted in the space program. That said, Walter Cronkite once told me that we don’t explore space for the byproducts it produces. We don’t go into space because we know benefits we’re going to reap. We explore because we don’t know what’s out there. There are generally two schools of thought. There are people who believe we explore because we’re going to find a way to make better safer cars or better shoes. Yes, that happens. But there are those who believe we explore because we want to find the answers to some of the fundamental questions of humanity. Where are we going? How did we get here? Are we alone? In the end, both schools of thought are correct. I like to think we explore space because that’s what great nations do. History has shown us that every major civilization has advanced through exploration.



Finally, for those you who believe we didn’t land on the moon. Grow up. Yes we did! And better yet, we’re going to do it again.


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