Open Educations Resources Commons – a network of Opencourse resources

From their web site:

OER Commons is the first comprehensive open learning network where teachers and professors (from pre-K to graduate school) can access their colleagues’ course materials, share their own, and collaborate on affecting today’s classrooms. It uses Web 2.0 features (tags, ratings, comments, reviews, and social networking) to create an online experience that engages educators in sharing their best teaching and learning practices.

Here is a partial list of courses in the catalog related to space and astronomy.

  • A Grand Tour of the Cosmos from the course Introduction to General AstronomyAstro 10: General Astronomy – Fall 2006. A description of modern astronomy with emphasis on the structure and evolution of stars, galaxies, and the Universe. Additional topics optionally discussed include quasars, pulsars, black holes, and extraterrestrial communication, etc. Individual instructor’s synopses available from the department. Video of lectures available at
  • Amazing SpaceAmazing Space consists of web-based educational presentations for young children about space, which were developed at the Space Telescope Science and Technology Institute. Teachers teamed up with scientists and engineers from the institute and staff members from the Office of Public Outreach to develop interactive lessons. All lessons include spectacular photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and many high quality graphics, videos, and animation designed to enhance student understanding and interest.
  • An artistic view of outer spaceThis is an art lesson easily integrated by art specialists or classroom teachers into any thematic unit that involves space, the solar system, or science fiction and is adaptable for students in grades 2 through 6. It incorporates the use of art materials such as oil pastels and compasses and the design concepts of shape and balance in a composition as well as providing the students with a fun and creative way to explore areas of geometry and science. This lesson is especially useful for classroom teachers who are aware of how art, when integrated into the classroom curriculum, can help students with different learning styles explore a variety of subjects in a way that will help them maximize the learning experience.

Visit the web site to search their complete catalog.


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