Jules Verne booked published in 1865 is a spaceflight classic

Jules Verne (1828 – 1905) wrote one of the earliest science-fiction novels in 1865 called From the Earth to the Moon. As the present Wikipedia article points out, the events in Verne’s book oddly closely parallel the Apollo program, some 100 years before the American space program:

  • Verne’s cannon was named the Columbiad; the Apollo 11 command module was named Columbia.
  • The spacecraft crew consisted of three persons in each case.
  • The physical dimensions of the projectile are very close to the dimensions of the Apollo CSM.
  • Verne’s voyage blasted off from Florida, as did all Apollo missions.

A first-edition copy of Verne’s novel is very rare and would cost several thousands of dollars, depending on the condition. Below is a picture of the first-edition.


~ by tellinghistory on January 5, 2008.

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