Surveyor 7 lands on the Moon January 10, 1968

Surveyor 7 was launched at 06:30:00.54 UT (1:30 a.m. EST) on 7 January 1968 on an Atlas-Centaur from launch complex 36A of the Eastern Test Range at Cape Kennedy. Touchdown occurred at 01:05:36.3 UT on 10 January 1968.

Surveyor 7 was the fifth and final spacecraft of the Surveyor series to achieve a lunar soft landing. The primary objectives of the Surveyor program, a series of seven robotic lunar softlanding flights, were to support the coming crewed Apollo landings by:

(1) developing and validating the technology for landing softly on the Moon

(2) providing data on the compatibility of the Apollo design with conditions encountered on the lunar surface

(3) adding to the scientific knowledge of the Moon.

The specific objectives for this mission were to:

(1) perform a lunar soft landing (in a highland area well removed from the maria to provide a type of terrain photography and lunar sample significantly different from those of other Surveyor missions)

(2) obtain postlanding TV pictures

(3) determine the relative abundances of chemical elements

(4) manipulate the lunar material

(5) obtain touchdown dynamics data

(6) obtain thermal and radar reflectivity data. Surveyor 7 was the only Surveyor craft to land in the lunar highland region.

Text source: NASA


Surveyor 7 NASA web site

Surveyor  Program results (NASA pdf)
Image credit: NASA


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