Alan Bean interview on The Space Show

Apollo 12 astronaut and artist, Alan Bean, was interviewed on The Space Show January 7th.  It is worth listening to.

Artist-astronaut Alan Bean, 74, was the fourth man to walk on the moon as Lunar Module pilot on Apollo 12, the second lunar landing. Although it has been more than 35 years, his footprints still lie undisturbed on the Moon’s Ocean of Storms. He later commanded the second Skylab mission in 1973, which lasted a record 59 days. Alan abruptly left NASA in 1981 to pursue his lifelong passion for art. A voracious student, Alan began to immerse himself in polishing his talent with the same intensity he gave to Apollo. Inspired by the impressionists and studying under contemporary masters, he is a first-rate artist who is as comfortable rendering sharp realism as he is with portraying subtle emotions through a faceless spacesuit–but there’s a bonus: As the only artist who has visited another world, Bean paints with an authenticity and insight completely unique in the entire history of art. His is a personal portfolio of the golden era of lunar exploration as viewed by the only artist who has been there. His full NASA bio can be found at
Image credit: The Wonder of It All film (2008)


~ by tellinghistory on January 26, 2008.

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