Pam Melroy interview with Today in Space History

Today in Space History recently conducted a phone interview with shuttle astronaut (and commander) Pam Melroy. She is a veteran of three shuttle missions: STS-92 (2000) as pilot, STS-112 (2002 as pilot, and STS-120 (2007) as commander.

As of January 2008 Melroy is the only active female astronaut in the astronaut corp who is also on the list of shuttle commanders (meaning she has test pilot experience). There are roughly 25 woman on the active astronaut NASA list for assignments.

Here are some previous posts we have made related to Pam Melroy:

January 29th, 2008 interview with commander Pam Melroy

Part oneTalk about why the STS-120 shuttle mission (October 2007) was a success.

Melroy – listen (wav file: 57 secs)

Part twoWhat did the ‘historic handshake’ between you and Peggy Whitson mean to you personally?

Melroy – listen (wav file: 1:47 secs)

Part three‘October’ has been a good month for you, why?

Melroy – listen (wav file: 1:37 secs)

Part fourwhat does your future career look like for NASA?

Melroy – listen (wav file: 38 secs)

Part fivecan you talk about the next-generation vehicles and your role with them?

Melroy – listen (wav file: 46 secs)

Part sixwho have been some of the key influencers in your life?

Melroy – listen (wav file: 1:21 secs)

Part sevenare astronauts typically first-borns?

Melroy – listen (wav file: 27 secs)

Part eight you struggled with physics and still graduated from MIT?

Melroy – listen (wav file: 30 secs)

Part nineHow is important is education for young people interested in space exploration and sciences?

Melroy – listen (wav file: 1:08 secs)

All content copyright 2008, Today in Space History.


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