The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook, by Robert Godwin

Robert Godwin has published a fascinating book titled, The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook: A pictorial history of lunar vehicles. Apogee Books. Though no doubt intended for the serious student of lunar exploration the neophyte or newbie will be rewarded with an enjoyable few evenings in the reading chair as one thumbs through the myriad of pictures and designs of lunar exploration spacecraft designs of prototypes and actual spacecraft deployed in the history of space exploration.

This 220 page paperback edition is simply packed with wonderful pictures, 3-D renderings and drawings of lunar spacecraft. As a novice in this area, I was amazed how many serious designs have been developed since 1939 when the first serious lunar spacecraft design was submitted by the British Interplanetary Society.

The first American attempt of a lunar spacecraft design was in 1952 by Dr. Werner von Braun. Von Braun is sort of the founding father of the modern space program for the United States.

The author covers several major areas of lunar spacecraft design diachronologically, including lunar landers, spacesuit designs, modules, LEMs, mobile surface designs and even rocket packs.

This book would no doubt make a perfect gift for the ‘space-nut’ in your life. S/he will be provided a virtual cornucopia of visual stimulation of lunar spacecraft design for many hours.

The book can be ordered from or through the publisher.


~ by tellinghistory on April 15, 2008.

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