September 12, 1959 – Luna 2 (Russian) hits moon

Luna 2 (E-1A series) was the second of the Soviet Union’s Luna program spacecraft launched in the direction of the Moon. It was the first spacecraft to reach the surface of the Moon, and it impacted the lunar surface west of Mare Serenitatis near the craters Aristides, Archimedes, and Autolycus.

Source: Wikipedia

Luna 2


~ by tellinghistory on September 12, 2008.

One Response to “September 12, 1959 – Luna 2 (Russian) hits moon”

  1. Turn the image of the Luna 2 upside down and it’s clearly the model for the “Imperial Probe Droid” from Lucasfilm’s “The Empire Strikes Back.” It discovers the rebels on the ice planet of Hoth.

    Amazed at the resemblance.

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