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What are people saying about Today in Space History?

“[TISH] space blog site . . . is quite an outstanding site and well worth the visit.”- Author, Colin Burgess, Into That Silent Sea.

“[TISH] is “a fun site with all kinds of links I enjoyed exploring.” – Author, Francis French, Into That Silent Sea.

I love the site Can’t wait until there’s something on my birthday though, keep up the good work. Guest from the United Kingdom

Very cool site! I keep coming back. That’s a lot of work …. Tom from Virginia

A very good blogsite . . . . you have done a great job. – Larry

I have been impressed by the approach and scope of your site. It really fits a niche that wasn’t represented elsewhere. – Robert Pearlman, editor of collectSPACE

What a welcome addition to the community of websites devoted to preservation of space history and advocacy for human space exploration. The potential synergy of TISH with other well established online resources like Collectspace,, NASA”s is obvious. Please keep up the good work – your efforts are enabling a more enriching experience on the net for custodians of space history like myself while instilling an understanding of the historical significance (and future relevance) of the 60’s space race for those who were not fortunate enough to have been around to directly witness first hand. – Scott Schneeweis,


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