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Into That Silent Sea, by French and Burgess.

I’m relatively new to the field of space exploration and spacefaring in terms of serious reading. In fact, this book was just my third. I have to say I enjoyed every page of this nearly 400-page tome. I was disappointed to finish it simply because I wanted to read more. The authors covers major U.S. and Russian astronauts and cosmonauts. They also cover some key women. If you’re new to this field of reading I’d highly recommend starting with this book. The background on the spacefarers is very interesting.
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The Wonder of It All (2008) by Jeffrey Roth | Short Review | Lengthy Review

The film captures the heart and humanity of the spacefaring heroes in a way that honors the men’s accomplishments but reminds us that heroes have feet-of-clay too. As a complement, the Apollo moonwalkers come across more like Forrest Gump than unapproachable celebrities. This film brings the moonwalkers down-to-earth with dignity and respect. We now know these men better than we ever did.


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